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Sharing, participation and friendship. Each child will be given opportunities to partake in ‘community-keeping’ tasks, from making food to share to collecting wood for the fire. With the intention of creating awareness around resource use and a sense of responsibility and contribution. Because it feels good to do nice things for others.

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Respect, co-existence and listening. We intend to minimise what we bring into the woods and to be aware of the materials that we do bring in (they will be natural and sustainable where possible), adopting permacultural principles and utilising what the woodlands bounty has to offer. We will listen and learn from nature; working with the seasons and our surroundings.

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Interest-led Learning

Independence, curiosity and growth. Children will be free to choose how they spend their time in the woods. There will be an adult-led activity offered each session, where the children can develop and deepen their outdoor learning, as well as a drop-in, child-led activity. The rest will be up to them! We will encourage and support their curious exploration, in turn supporting the growth of their confidence and self-esteem.

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Forest School is most beneficial over a series of regular sessions. Home Ed-Venturers sessions have been designed for children to attend long term, every week. This way the children’s knowledge, understanding and friendships are built up over time, along with increased confidence and independence in ‘their’ woods. Children attend without their parents and we are happy to support them with this if they find it difficult.

Prices per session

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*This helps fund concessionary places

**For concessionary places please enquire for availability

Booking is made in termly blocks

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